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In Partnership with Morgan Stanley

Advancing Justice through Innovation

The Centri Tech Foundation’s Social Justice Innovation Awards, a partnership with Morgan Stanley, recognize innovative approaches to systemic change in the United States that seek to advance social and racial justice and build an inclusive economy.  In 2022, we selected five inaugural winners to receive $250,000 and customized support to accelerate and scale their innovative social justice solutions. [read more]

We are honored to announce the winners of the 2023 Social Justice Innovation Awards. These bold innovators are relentless in their pursuit of people-centered outcomes. Through their leadership of tech-enabled solutions to improve the lives of people and communities, they are contributing to a stronger, more just future for all Americans.

Chairman, Centri Tech Foundation

We are thrilled to congratulate the inspiring recipients of this year’s Social Justice Innovation Awards. We are proud to be supporting these organizations as they work to enact change within the communities they serve and beyond, and look forward to seeing all they accomplish.

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Head of Institute for Inclusion at Morgan Stanley

Communities across the country are facing unprecedented challenges, as are the organizations and social impact leaders working to help them. Centri Tech Foundation is proud to support the winners of the Social Justice Innovation Awards with coaching, resources, and opportunities to effect transformative change.

President, Centri Tech Foundation


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